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SAVG sips meet tech tips: FMR Brands fuels SophiaVerse event

In a thrilling recent venture, FMR Brands proudly sponsored the “SophiaVerse and Friends” event, a relaxed yet insightful gathering centered around AI and Technology. Held on November 15, 2023, at 7:00 PM at Casa de Desenho, Lisbon, this event, orchestrated by SophiaVerse, became a vibrant hub of innovative ideas and discussions in the tech world.

FMR Brands, renowned for elevating experiences, brought an extra spark to the event with its SAVG Energy, SAVG LYF and SAVG NITE beverages. Far from ordinary refreshments, these drinks were a fusion of flavor and energy, designed to stimulate the mind and invigorate the body, perfectly complementing the dynamic atmosphere of this technology-focused event.

A toast to Innovation and Collaboration

This sponsorship was more than just providing beverages; it symbolized FMR Brands’ support for innovation and collaboration in the tech community. By partnering with SophiaVerse for this event, FMR Brands reinforced its commitment to being at the forefront of exciting, forward-thinking initiatives.


A night of tech and taste to remember

Attendees were invited to enjoy these beverages and experience the blend of energy, flavor, and technology. 

FMR Brands was thrilled to be part of this journey with SophiaVerse and Friends, contributing to a night filled with insightful discussions, networking, and, of course, great drinks.


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SAVG sips meet tech tips: FMR Brands fuels SophiaVerse event

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