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FMR Brands Boosts Web3 Lisbon with signature beverages

FMR Brands recently played a pivotal role in the Web3 Lisbon event, which took place on November 17, 2023. The event, hosted by CV Labs, ICP, Offchain, and Bitgrit at Kübe Coworking Lisbon, was a night dedicated to innovation and insights into Web3 adoption.

The event kicked off at 17:00 with registration, followed by a warm welcome address from CV Labs. Keynote speeches from ICP.Hub Portugal and Bancambios delved into empowering Web3 builders and creators in Portugal and exploring initiatives in the Web3 space. A highlight of the evening was the panel discussion titled “Building Web3 in Portugal: How to Accelerate Web3 Adoption,” which engaged industry experts in exploring strategies and challenges in accelerating Web3 adoption in Portugal, including the transformative role of AI in Web3.

FMR Brands’ participation added a refreshing dimension to the event. SAVG Energy, known for its natural energy boost, was the perfect accompaniment for the attendees, keeping them energized and engaged throughout the insightful discussions. SAVG LYF added a touch of relaxation and enjoyment, while the RTD2 long drinks provided a sophisticated and enjoyable drinking experience during the networking session at 19:30.

The sponsorship by FMR Brands at the Web3 Lisbon event was a testament to the brand’s commitment to supporting and enhancing tech-driven experiences. By aligning its products with such forward-thinking events, FMR Brands established itself as a brand that resonates with the modern, tech-savvy consumer, offering not just beverages but a lifestyle choice that complements the fast-paced, innovative world of technology.

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FMR Brands Boosts Web3 Lisbon with signature beverages

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