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FMR Brands Lights Up EDIT x ARVAD Boho Winery Edition

In a stunning fusion of music, culture, and taste, the “EDIT x ARVAD presents the Boho Winery Edition” event will unfold amidst the picturesque vineyard hills of Arvad Winery. FMR Brands, renowned for its innovative beverage creations, will play a pivotal role in this unique gathering, enhancing the experience with its signature drinks – SAVG LYF, SAVG Nite, and RTD2.

A Blend of Wine, Dance, and Culture

The Boho Winery Edition, set to be held on November 26, 2023, will not just be an event; it will be a celebration of the senses. Set against the backdrop of Arvad Winery’s (Estômbar) lush vineyards, the event will offer a perfect amalgamation of local culture, exquisite wines, and rhythmic beats. Attendees will be treated to an immersive experience that goes beyond the conventional, blending the rustic charm of the winery with the vibrant energy of dance and music.


FMR Brands: infusing Flavor and Energy into EDIT x ARVAD’s Boho Winery Edition

FMR Brands, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the beverage industry, will bring its A-game to the event. SAVG LYF, a refreshing and health-conscious hard kombucha, will offer a unique and invigorating experience to the attendees, perfectly complementing the dynamic atmosphere. SAVG Nite, known for its relaxing properties, will offer a serene counterpoint to the day’s excitement. The RTD2 long drinks, with their sophisticated flavors, will be the toast of the event, offering a refined drinking experience.

This won’t be the first time FMR Brands collaborates with EDIT. The successful partnership was previously seen at the ultimate daytime party in Algarve, as detailed on FMR Brands’ website. This ongoing collaboration highlights FMR Brands’ commitment to aligning with culturally rich and unique events.


Highlights of the Boho Winery Edition

The event will be a sensory delight. From wine tastings that will showcase the best of Arvad Winery’s offerings to activities like the Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing, there will be something for everyone. The music, a carefully curated mix of local and international beats, will resonate through the vineyards, creating an unforgettable ambiance.


A Toast to future collaborations

As the sun sets over Arvad Winery, the Boho Winery Edition will draw to a close, leaving behind memories of a day filled with joy, culture, and taste. FMR Brands’ participation in this event will not just be about providing beverages; it will be about creating experiences and forging connections. Looking ahead, FMR Brands will continue to seek out opportunities to be part of events that resonate with its ethos of innovation, quality, and cultural richness. The Boho Winery Edition will be a testament to this commitment, and the journey continues.


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FMR Brands Lights Up EDIT x ARVAD Boho Winery Edition

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