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FMR Brands and Synergym: a dynamic collaboration extended

FMR Brands is excited to announce the extension of its dynamic collaboration with Synergym, Spain’s premier gym chain, from November 8, 2023, to April 6, 2024. This partnership, which initially brought the refreshing taste of SAVG Energy to fitness enthusiasts across Spain, will continue to energize gym-goers in various locations.

Building on the success of the previous campaign, FMR Brands will be activating its presence in several Synergym clubs across Spain, including Estepona, Marbella, Guindos, Reding, Valencia Gran Via, Valencia Constitucion, Alicante Benalúa, Madrid Prosperidad, Alcobendas Gran Manzana, Barcelona El Clot, Barcelona Maragall, and Pontevedra Gorgullón. This extended activation aims to keep the momentum going, offering gym members the invigorating opportunity to experience the perfect fusion of fitness and flavor.

The campaign will feature SAVG Energy, known for its bold taste and natural energy boost, as a staple in the daily routine of Synergym’s clientele. The initiative will see the energy drink being alternated between the selected locations, ensuring that every participant can enjoy the boost of this meticulously crafted beverage.

In addition to the product sampling, FMR Brands will continue to offer exclusive benefits to Synergym members, including a 10% loyalty discount for SAVG Energy drinks, accessible through the Yo Pongo El Hielo website. This gesture is a token of appreciation for the individuals who push the boundaries of health and fitness every day.

The collaboration also includes the strategic placement of SAVG Energy in the gym’s vending machines, making it a convenient and accessible option for gym-goers. This move is part of FMR Brands’ vision to integrate its products into the lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the success of the initial collaboration in October, FMR Brands is enthusiastic about the continued partnership with Synergym. This collaboration is a testament to the power of combining great fitness with great taste and reinforces FMR Brands’ commitment to enhancing the wellness and fitness experience.


Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration and its impact in the world of wellness and fitness.

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FMR Brands and Synergym: a dynamic collaboration extended

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