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SAVG LYF Kombucha Wins Silver at the World Kombucha Awards in Barcelona

Our SAVG LYF Kombucha won Silver at the World Kombucha Awards in Barcelona.

It was a moment of immense pride and celebration for us at FMR Brands as our flagship beverage, SAVG LYF Kombucha, clinched the Silver medal at the prestigious World Kombucha Awards this past weekend in Barcelona. This accolade was awarded in the “Bottle Range Design” category, underscoring our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable design.

The World Kombucha Awards is a renowned event that gathers the crème de la crème of kombucha brands from all corners of the globe, celebrating excellence across various categories. Securing a medal at this esteemed platform is a testament to a brand’s dedication to quality, innovation, and industry leadership.

For us, this recognition holds special significance. We’ve always been driven by a vision to craft products that stand out, not just in flavour but also in their presentation. This award is a heartening validation of our team’s relentless efforts and the unique vision we’ve nurtured for SAVG LYF Kombucha.

The design of our SAVG LYF Kombucha bottle seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with functionality. Its sleek profile, coupled with our distinctive branding, ensures it stands out on any shelf. Furthermore, our design ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, with the use of eco-conscious materials underscoring our commitment to the planet.

From its inception, SAVG LYF Kombucha has been on an unwavering path of excellence. Crafted with premium ingredients and brewed to sheer perfection, it offers a distinct taste that has garnered a global fanbase. This Silver medal at the World Kombucha Awards is a shining testament to our brand’s journey, and we’re geared up for even more accolades in the days to come.

The Road Ahead

Buoyed by this award, we’re more charged than ever to continue our trajectory of innovation and excellence. This recognition fills us with immense gratitude and drives our passion to consistently push the envelope and deliver unparalleled experiences to our patrons. 


As we revel in this significant achievement, all aficionados of SAVG LYF Kombucha have yet another reason to celebrate their beverage of choice. Here’s to a future brimming with flavour, well-being, and groundbreaking innovation!



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SAVG LYF Kombucha Wins Silver at the World Kombucha Awards in Barcelona

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