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CreativeMornings Lisbon powered by SAVG Energy

On November 3rd, the creative community of Lisbon will gather for another inspiring session of CreativeMornings, an official side event of ETH Lisbon. Set to be held at the picturesque Idea Spaces rooftop, overlooking the iconic El Corte Ingles, the event is expected to see a turnout of 80 enthusiastic attendees. The highlight of the morning will undoubtedly be the enlightening talk by Tim Vieira, the founder of Brave Generation Academy and a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Portugal in 2026.

However, what is truly anticipated to set the tone for the morning is the refreshing presence of SAVG Energy, a non-alcoholic and natural energy drink by FMR Brands. As the event’s proud sponsor, SAVG Energy is poised to be the perfect beverage choice for an early morning gathering dedicated to creativity.


Why SAVG Energy?

SAVG Energy is not just any energy drink. It is a powerful concoction of liveliness, making attendees feel as if they’re picking fruits from a tropical forest. Infused with 100% natural ingredients, this drink is a delightful blend of delicious flavors fortified with natural antioxidants. It is set to satisfy the tastebuds and boost daily performance and creativity of all attendees. 


A perfect match for CreativeMornings

CreativeMornings, with its early start, is all about energizing the creative community. And what better way to kickstart the day than with a drink that embodies energy and natural goodness? SAVG Energy, with its refreshing taste and powerful formula, aligns perfectly with the ethos of CreativeMornings. It’s a drink for the go-getters, the thinkers, and the creators.

The collaboration between CreativeMornings Lisbon and SAVG Energy is anticipated to be a match made in heaven. As the creative minds of Lisbon will converge to share ideas and draw inspiration, SAVG Energy will ensure they have the perfect beverage to fuel their thoughts and discussions. With its natural ingredients and promise of sustained energy, it’s no wonder that SAVG Energy is set to be the drink of choice for this vibrant gathering.

For more information on SAVG Energy and its range of flavors, visit SAVG Energy’s official website. And to stay updated and participate on upcoming CreativeMornings Lisbon events, check out their official page.

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CreativeMornings Lisbon powered by SAVG Energy

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