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SAVG LYF clinches Bronze at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge

In the world of spirits and beverages, the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is a prestigious event that recognizes and celebrates top-notch quality and excellence. The 2023 edition of this esteemed competition has recently concluded, and we are thrilled to announce that SAVG LYF by FMR BRANDS has been awarded a bronze medal in the New Brand Launch category.

The International Spirits Challenge, held annually, is a globally recognized platform that brings together the best of the spirits industry. It offers a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their products and compete with other international brands. The competition is known for its rigorous judging process, which includes a panel of experts who assess each entry based on its quality, flavor, and packaging.

This year, the Design & Packaging judging panel at the ISC 2023 awarded SAVG LYF by FMR BRANDS a bronze award in the New Brand Launch category. This award is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and aesthetics in its packaging design. It also signifies the successful launch of SAVG LYF in the highly competitive spirits market.

SAVG LYF, a new entrant in the spirits industry, has managed to make a significant impact with its unique branding and high-quality product. The brand’s innovative approach to design and packaging played a crucial role in securing this prestigious award. The bronze medal is a significant achievement for both SAVG LYF and FMR BRANDS.

The award is a significant milestone for FMR BRANDS and a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. It also sets the stage for the brand’s future endeavors in the spirits industry.

The team at FMR BRANDS is thrilled with this recognition and is committed to continuing their pursuit of excellence in the spirits industry. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, and this award serves as a motivation to continue their journey of creating exceptional spirits.

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SAVG LYF clinches Bronze at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge

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