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Carrinhos de Rolamentos by ACM

FMR Brands & RTD2 Drinks Fuel the Excitement at the 3rd ‘Carrinhos de Rolamentos” event by ACM

In the spirit of adventure and innovation, FMR Brands proudly announces its participation as an esteemed sponsor of the thrilling 3rd ‘Carrinhos de Rolamentos’ event, organized by the Associação Casal de Mundão (ACM) from Viseu, Portugal. Sponsoring with our beloved RTD2 drinks, we aim to inject a refreshing twist into this adrenaline-infused occasion.

The ‘Carrinhos de Rolamentos’ event, which began in 2019, stands as a unique spectacle that unites passionate participants and eager audiences from around the region. Unfortunately interrupted by the pandemic, the event successfully made a comeback in 2022. This year, we’re gearing up for an even bigger and better edition, with FMR Brands delightedly joining the journey.

The first event in 2019 had a respectable beginning, with 12 participants and approximately 100 spectators. Fast forward to 2022, the participation and spectatorship grew notably, with 16 competitors, some journeying as much as 100km to participate, and an audience size of around 150. This year, we expect to witness an even more exhilarating atmosphere with an estimated 20 to 25 participants and an expanded audience.

Aside from the electrifying descents of the rolling carts, this year’s event promises additional excitement with the introduction of three competition cars – a trial jeep, an all-terrain buggy, and a rally car. These added features are bound to provide a delightful spectacle for the public.

FMR Brands, partnering through RTD2 drinks, is thrilled to be part of an event that aligns with our company values of adventure, innovation, and community building. We’re committed to enhancing the experience for participants and spectators alike, bringing our refreshing beverages right to the heart of the action.

So gear up, brace yourselves for the action, and keep your spirits high, for the 3rd ‘Carrinhos de Rolamentos ACM’ event is right around the corner! Join FMR Brands and RTD2 drinks in celebrating the spirit of competition, adventure, and most importantly, community. We can’t wait to see you there!


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FMR Brands & RTD2 Drinks Fuel the Excitement at the 3rd ‘Carrinhos de Rolamentos” event by ACM

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