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Fueling the Trofeu Karting Endurance with SAVG Energy

This year, gear up for an adrenaline-pumping weekend at the Trofeu Karting Endurance II Temporada event, scheduled for the last weekend of September (30th – 1st October). This exhilarating event promises to be a grand gathering, attracting over 150 drivers per day throughout the weekend. FMR Brands is thrilled to announce its sponsorship, with SAVG ENERGY, RTD2 and SAVG LYF ready to provide an electrifying boost to karting enthusiasts, ensuring an unforgettable and high-octane experience on the track.


Discover the Burst of SAVG Energy

SAVG ENERGY will be at the forefront, offering attendees the perfect energy boost needed for the intense karting action. Drivers and spectators alike will have the opportunity to experience the invigorating effects of SAVG ENERGY, keeping the spirits high and the engines roaring throughout the event.


Savor the Flavors of SAVG LYF and RTD2

In addition to the thrilling karting action, the event will feature a showcase of FMR Brands’ diverse beverage offerings. Attendees will have the delightful opportunity to discover and enjoy our range of products, including the exotic and refreshing SAVG LYF and the flavorful RTD2 beverages. This platform will serve as an excellent opportunity for FMR Brands to introduce our products to a wider audience, fostering brand recognition and affinity.


Experience the Versatile Linksport Facility

The event is set to be held at the esteemed Linksport facility, a venue known for its versatile sports and entertainment offerings. Beyond the karting action, Linksport boasts top-notch facilities for football 5 vs 5 matches and padel tournaments, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for all attendees. This multifaceted venue aligns perfectly with FMR Brands’ spirit of energy, enjoyment, and vitality, making it the ideal setting for showcasing our premium beverage products.


Join Us for a Weekend of Action and Refreshment

Mark your calendars and prepare for a weekend filled with high-speed action, refreshing beverages, and unmatched excitement. FMR Brands is eager to enhance the Trofeu Karting Endurance II Temporada event with our signature drinks, SAVG ENERGY, SAVG LYF, and RTD2. Join us at the Linksport facility and be part of this thrilling adventure, celebrating the spirit of karting and the refreshing taste of victory with FMR Brands.


Don’t miss this chance to revel in the excitement, taste the excellence, and experience the energy with FMR Brands at the Trofeu Karting Endurance II Temporada event. See you on the track!


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Fueling the Trofeu Karting Endurance with SAVG Energy

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