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Samba Sunset: FMR Brands Lights Up LACS Anjos Rooftop

As the sun sets, imagine finding yourself on a rooftop, drink in hand, moving to the beat of lively samba music. This scene is set to become reality as FMR Brands sponsors an exclusive event at LACS Anjos Rooftop.


Unwind with Drinks & Samba

After a long day of work, what could be more rejuvenating than a Happy Hour filled with invigorating drinks and the vibrant beats of samba? The event is scheduled for September 28, Thursday, from 6 to 8 pm at the stunning LACS Anjos Rooftop. This gathering is an exclusive invitation for members to relax, socialize, and enjoy the captivating panorama of the city as the day transitions into night.


Elevate Your Experience with FMR Brands

FMR Brands is proud to enhance this gathering by providing two of its signature beverages: RTD2 and SAVG Lyf. RTD2, a drink that promises a burst of energy and flavor, is perfect for those looking to keep the spirits high and the conversation flowing. On the other hand, SAVG Lyf offers a unique blend of exotic flavors, ensuring a delightful and refreshing experience as you unwind and move to the samba beats.


Immerse in the Rhythms of Samba

The event promises not just excellent drinks but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of samba. Let the music take over as you feel the rhythms, learn the steps, and dance the evening away in good company. It’s a celebration of culture, connection, and the joy of movement.


Join Us for a Memorable Evening

Mark your calendars for this members-only event at LACS Anjos Rooftop. Prepare to revel in an evening of superb drinks, lively music, and dancing. This after-work celebration is an exclusive perk for LACS members, offering a unique opportunity to unwind and connect. FMR Brands is eager to enhance your evening with our signature drinks, RTD2 and SAVG Lyf. We look forward to celebrating with our LACS community!

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Samba Sunset: FMR Brands Lights Up LACS Anjos Rooftop

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