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FMR Brands at TEDxNOVA with RTD2 and SAVG LYF

Yesterday, the renowned TEDxNOVA 2023 event unfolded, hosted by the students of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, under the theme “Into the Unknown.” The event celebrated courage, curiosity, and the exploration of new paths, featuring a diverse array of speakers who shared their profound insights and innovative ideas.


FMR Brands: A Proud Sponsor with a Sustainable Vision

FMR Brands was honored to be a part of this extraordinary event as a sponsor. We presented our innovative RTD2 cocktails and our wild hard kombucha SAVG LYF, a testament to our dedication to reducing plastic pollution and employing renewable energy in their operations. Our beverages, served during the cocktail hour, were a hit among the attendees, highlighting FMR Brands’ efforts to merge sustainability with quality and taste.


A Day of Insight and Innovation

The event schedule was packed with engaging talks from world-class speakers, covering topics from cooperation in the era of AI to the role of ethics in navigating uncertain waters. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, build valuable relationships, and become part of a vibrant TEDx community. The event culminated in a cocktail hour, where attendees enjoyed FMR Brands’ RTD2 cocktails and SAVG LYF’s hard kombucha, reflecting on the transformative ideas and unforgettable experiences of the day.

As we reflect on the insights and inspirations from TEDxNOVA 2023, let us carry forward the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and the courage to step into the unknown, championed by FMR Brands and all the esteemed participants of the event.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the continued journey of FMR Brands towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

For more details about the TEDxNOVA 2023 event, visit TEDxNOVA.

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FMR Brands at TEDxNOVA with RTD2 and SAVG LYF

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