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FMR Brands: The Startup that Creates Unique Drinking Experiences for People On the Go

FMR Brands, an expert and innovative group in the beverage development category, offers a one-stop solution for people on the go with its ready-to-drink beverages. Powered by Pacific Capital Partners, a European affiliate investment group, the startup provides a wide range of services for every stage of a product’s journey.

FMR Brands’ approach is to take a unique beverage dream and turn it into reality. Their motto is: The Future. Now. For this, the expert group offers several services including food and beverages product development, brand merchandising, store designing and decorating, retail consulting and training.

The group’s consultants are beverage startup specialists with a deep understanding of current trends and the capacity to source the highest quality ingredients. They create lifestyle brands through clever interactions between the drinks, the related wearable products (all kinds of merchandising), and the entertainment projects where the products will be sold, displayed, and/or marketed.

Specialized in beverages, FMR Brands’ insights and expertise are a valuable resource that can be counted on for every stage of a product’s journey, formulation and ingredients, manufacturing a cost-effective product and unparalleled market research. The startup is capable of creating and executing online and in-store merchandising strategies for a wide range of companies.

Known for its ready-to-drink beverages, the group takes pride in creating one-stop solutions for busy people who need an extra kick. Their drinks come in all different flavors and varieties, so there is always something for every mood. “Whether you’re looking for an energy boost or just want to relax after a long day at work, we have what you need” said Doriane Zalewski, Product Branding and Marketing Director of FMR Brands. FMR Brands creates beverages that are more than just a drink, they are ephemeral experiences (hence “FMR”), but ones that are meant to be forever remembered.

At every opportunity, the group’s strategy is to maximize every investment. “We established the right key successes to accomplish marvellous project goals together” shared Doriane. Some of FMR Brands’ product achievements are brands such as RTD2, SAVG, #ACABÓ! or REFIX. The startup also looks into sponsoring events as well as supporting unique artists and athletes who may have been overlooked by traditional brands.

For more information about the group and its services, please visit www.fmr-brands.com or use the contact details provided below.

FMR Brands: contact@fmr-brands.com, sales@fmr-brands.com

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FMR Brands: The Startup that Creates Unique Drinking Experiences for People On the Go

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