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FMR Brands and Bairro Announce Venture to Support Ukrainian Refugees

FMR Brands, experts in beverage development, are launching a new partnership with Bairro, a convenience chain based in Portugal, due to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. All #ACABO! drinks profits will be donated to refugees through NGOs providing non-military assistance to war refugees.

#ACABO!, the new brand by FMR Brands Group, aims to offer a new perspective on the refugee crisis by supporting refugees around the world, who are often victims of repression, inequality and war. It’s a brand for activists that wants to promote proactive citizenry and equality.

To reach this goal, FMR Brands is joining forces with Bairro, a convenience chain headed by Ukrainian and Russian owners. The desire to collaborate is due to the current times of crisis in Ukraine and the urgent need to provide assistance to refugees.

In this context, the companies have decided to donate 100% of #ACABO!’s profits to refugees in need, through NGOs that are focused on providing non-military assistance to war refugees (shelter, food, drink, transportation).

In practical terms, FMR Brands will manage the production and delivery of the beverage product, while Bairro will attempt to sell to its customers via its platform.
“In a time of crisis, we need to show our support. #ACABO! is a new drink that supports peace, so with every purchase, we’ll donate to refugees in need” said Doriane Zalewski, Product Branding and Marketing Manager of FMR Brands.

In Lisbon, Portugal, citizens will have the possibility to order #ACABO! drinks directly through Bairro’s platform and receive it in just a few minutes on any location around the city.
For more information about the charitable and not-for-profit collaboration between the two parties visit www.bairro.io or use the contact details provided below.

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FMR Brands and Bairro Announce Venture to Support Ukrainian Refugees

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