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Seawater-Based Organic Recovery Drink

FMR Brands Acquires controlling interest in SIETE CUARENTA NATURAL, S.L., the maker of REFIX, a Seawater-Based Organic Recovery Drink

FMR Brands, an expert and innovative group in the beverage development category, announces it has acquired a controlling interest in REFIX, a rapidly growing alkaline seawater-based ready to drink brand. The transaction marks a key milestone for FMR Brands, which now holds a vast choice of innovative drink brands under its wing. PCP’s managing director, Mr. Ini Ghidirmic, stated that “the investment is in-line with FMR Brands’ long-term objective of offering a variety of high quality and unique beverage products. Functional water (e.g. water ensuring not only hydration but also sleep function and detox) is projected to witness between 7.5-8.5% of CAGR from 2022 through 2027. We look forward to working with Raul Anta in making seawater based hydration a globally recognized product in the immediate future.”

An organic refreshing innovation in the recovery drinks category is the new opportunity to taste nature at its best. Brought to us by FMR Brands, REFIX is the only drink in the market that contains 15% of the recommended daily value of magnesium in a natural way.

REFIX’s philosophy is one that believes in the healing powers of seawater. Sourced in the Atlantic ocean, specifically the Spanish region of Galicia, where one can encounter over 70 diluted minerals, this drink aims to help with recovering after physical activities or extreme tiredness. The carefully selected ingredients are meant to help with normal muscle and nerve function, maintain healthy heart rhythms or even support converting carbohydrates, protein and fat into long-lasting energy.

Made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients, this 100% vegan and organic drink can be enjoyed in two different flavours: lemon (no sugar, 5 kcal, ideal for ketogenic diets) and orange (natural source of vitamin C and great improver of the immune system). In both options, one can feel a pleasantly salty taste that is different from any other functional beverage.

Seawater (with alkaline pH 8) is the key ingredient for REFIX drinks that, when mixed with spring water and fruit juices, makes the perfect combination that turns this beverage into a one of a kind drink for those who need to get back in the game quickly while feeling refreshed.

In fact, the healthy and innovative components of this drink made the decision an easy one for FMR Brands. “When you absolutely and categorically demand the best results, natural ingredients stand the test of time” said Mr. Ini Ghidirmic.

For more information about this acquisition or the brand itself please visit www.refixyourself.com or use the contact details provided below.

FMR Brands offers a wide range of services including food and beverages Product Development, Brand Merchandising, Store Designing and Decorating, Retail Consulting and Training. FMR Brands’ consultants are beverage startup specialists with a deep understanding of current trends and the capacity to source the highest quality ingredients. FMR Brands “ready-to-drink beverages” are a one-stop solution for people on the go. 

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FMR Brands Acquires controlling interest in SIETE CUARENTA NATURAL, S.L., the maker of REFIX, a Seawater-Based Organic Recovery Drink

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