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FMR Brands Expands Portfolio With Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Beverages

FMR Brands, an expert and innovative group in the beverage development category, introduces classic cocktail drinks with a twist. RTD2 is the new brand for a ready-to-drink premium experience, available soon in Portugal and Spain in selected retail stores.

FMR Brands is aiming to revolutionize the way famous cocktails are consumed by putting a spin on traditional drinks such as Moscow Mule, Hard Coffee Salted Caramel or Paloma. Switching up flavours and turning these trendy drinks into an on-the-go experience is the bold choice that aims to attract all kinds of people.

Filled to the brim with vibrant flavours and unique ingredient combinations, RTD2 drinks are the perfect option for those with busy routines who still desire to enjoy life at its best. “We try to create more than just drinks” said Doriane Zalewski, Product Branding and Marketing Director of FMR Brands, “we want to create ephemeral experiences (hence FMR), but ones that are forever remembered.”

Each cocktail embodies an animal emblem (a mule, a paloma and an owl) to bring out the best energy and mood within the drinking experience, indeed elevating the trivial act of enjoying a cocktail. RTD2 drinks can be enjoyed in three delicious varieties:

  • Cucumber Ginger Mule: Starts with a base of vodka, lime, cucumber, and ginger juice, delivering a crispy refreshing taste that will quench your thirst
  • Hard Coffee Caramel: Coffee and alcohol combo, a great match for boozy caffeinated desserts and makes an excellent late-night (or early morning) pick-me-up
  • Spicy Paloma: Using agave spirit instead of the classic tequila, mixed with hot red chili, agave nectar, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice and agave syrup, it creates a party of sweet & sour flavours that will elevate your taste buds

The choice to transform these classic cocktails into on-the-go adventures will certainly be met with a lot of enthusiasm by adults wanting to step up their daily routines and get that extra kick of liveliness.

RTD2 Drinks will be available soon in Portugal and Spain. For more information visit www.rtd2-drinks.com

FMR Brands offers a wide range of services including food and beverages Product Development, Brand Merchandising, Store Designing and Decorating, Retail Consulting and Training. FMR Brands’ consultants are beverage startup specialists with a deep understanding of current trends and the capacity to source the highest quality ingredients. FMR Brands “ready-to-drink beverages” are a one-stop solution for people on the go. 

FMR Brands: contact@fmr-brands.com, sales@fmr-brands.com

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FMR Brands Expands Portfolio With Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Beverages

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