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FMR Brands Introduces SAVG: Fruit-Flavored Hard Kombucha and 100% Natural Energy Drinks For A Healthy Lifestyle

FMR Brands Group, experts in beverage development, reinvent a premium drinking experience with wellness benefits through SAVG Drinks: a ready-to-drink hard kombucha with a healthier kick & the ultimate pick-me-up energy drink to improve daily performance; both available soon in Portugal and Spain in selected retail stores.

As demand for flavour-packed healthy drinks increases, FMR Brands launches SAVG Drinks – a unique experience for the wild go-getters and those who need an extra kick. With different flavours and varieties, “there’s something for every mood, whether you’re looking for an energy boost or just want to relax after a long day at work, we have what you need” said Doriane Zalewski, Product Branding & Marketing Director of FMR Brands.

For the wilder & savagely conscientious drinkers, SAVG Lyf is a perfect choice. A low alcohol hard kombucha, where the typical sweet taste of the ancient drink meets the festive kick of a refreshing cocktail. More festive than regular kombucha, this gut-friendly alternative to mainstream alcoholic beverages is also low-calorie,  gluten-free and vegan.

SAVG Lyf can be enjoyed in two delicious guilt-free flavours: mango & strawberries and lemon & ginger. At 4.5% alcohol and made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, these winning combinations are sure to satisfy craving taste buds.

As for those who are always on the go and need an extra kick of energy without turning a blind eye to flavourness, FMR Brands picks SAVG Energy drinks. Also made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, it is infused with flavours and fortified with natural antioxidants that aim at improving daily performance.

SAVG Energy will be available in two different flavours: grapefruit & apple and red fruits & lemon. It also contains nootropics, known as memory stimulants or cognitive enhancers, that elevate memory, intelligence, creativity, motivation, speed, and concentration. But the ‘secret’ kick that boosts energy levels is the healthy caffeine option known as guaraná. Safe to say, SAVG Energy is the easiest and most delicious way to get vitamins as well as liveliness, by improving daily routine in terms of taste and function.

SAVG Drinks will be available soon in Portugal and Spain. For more information visit www.savg-drinks.com

FMR Brands offers a wide range of services including food and beverages Product Development, Brand Merchandising, Store Designing and Decoratng, Retail Consulting and Training. FMR Brands’ consultants are beverage startup specialists with a deep understanding of current trends and the capacity to source the highest quality ingredients. FMR Brands “ready-to-drink beverages” are a one-stop solution for people on the go. 

FMR Brands: contact@fmr-brands.com, sales@fmr-brands.com

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FMR Brands Introduces SAVG: Fruit-Flavored Hard Kombucha and 100% Natural Energy Drinks For A Healthy Lifestyle

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