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FMR Brands: Revolutionizing the Beverage Experience One Sip at a Time

In the heart of Lisbon, amidst the global Covid-19 crisis, FMR Brands was born with a clear mission: to transform the way the world enjoys beverages. As the innovative beverage division of Pacific Capital, we emerged in 2020 to bring unique and memorable experiences to every sip, right to your doorstep.


Answering the Call of the Times

With most bars and entertainment venues closed due to health restrictions, we saw an opportunity to provide people with a way to enjoy premium beverages without leaving their homes. This led to the creation of our “ready-to-drink” beverages, allowing everyone to savor exquisite cocktails without the need for professional mixology skills.


More Than Just a Beverage

But we didn’t stop at merely being a solution to the situation. We aimed to elevate the drinking experience to a new level, merging our passion for beverages with the pursuit of unforgettable moments. The word “ephemeral,” which inspired our company name, perfectly encapsulates the fleeting yet impactful nature of moments shared around a drink. Each sip becomes a gateway to a memory, a feeling, a context that endures.


A Symphony of Experiences

FMR Brands has also partnered with the vibrant spirit of music festivals. The country, with its abundance of festivals, served as the perfect incubator for this bottled revolution. Initially focusing on music, we have extended our philosophy to sporting and social events, creating moments that are both enjoyed and remembered.


Crossing Borders

Our vision has transcended boundaries, reaching Spain and beyond. Doriane Zalewski, our Director of Marketing, points out that the diversity of Spanish cuisine and its passion for social life make Spain a key market. Our expansion is not just about offering beverages; it’s about elevating the consumer experience with innovation and quality.


Read the original article published on Spanish online magazine Financial Food.

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FMR Brands: Revolutionizing the Beverage Experience One Sip at a Time

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