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“The Round Table” Event

SAVG LYF Beverages to Liven Up “The Round Table” Event

We’re thrilled to announce that SAVG LYF beverages are set to make a splash at the highly anticipated event, “The Round Table,” happening today at the New ChiliBangs Home, Office, and Community Hub. As we align with the spirit of Web3 Wednesday, SAVG LYF is gearing up to provide a refreshing experience that will leave a mark on all event attendees.

“The Round Table” event is shaping up to be an engaging and dynamic affair, offering a day full of immersive experiences. From 2 pm to 11 pm, participants will immerse themselves in captivating discussions, presentations by industry leaders like EuroSpark and PortugalDAO, and an exciting Quizz competition.

We’re excited to elevate the event experience by offering our invigorating SAVG LYF beverages. Attendees will have the chance to indulge in our two signature flavors: Lemon and Ginger, and Mango and Strawberry. These creations are designed to tantalize taste buds and invigorate the senses, providing a perfect companion to the day’s activities.

For those who haven’t yet registered for this remarkable event, there’s still time! Secure your spot at “The Round Table” by registering on Eventbrite here

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“The Round Table” Event

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