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FMR Brands partners with the 2023 Moga Festival

As the 2023 Moga Festival draws closer, excitement is mounting over the endless possibilities for fun, food, and beverages. FMR Brands is no exception, and we are proud to announce our participation in this year’s festival, from May 31 to June 4. The Moga Festival, known for its eclectic mix of entertainment, culture, and innovation, is the perfect platform for FMR Brands to showcase our unique range of beverages. Get ready to sip and savor as we bring you the best of RTD2, REFIX, SAVG LYF, and SAVG Energy.


RTD2: Elevate Your Cocktail Experience

At FMR Brands, we understand that convenience is key. RTD2, our Ready-To-Drink line of cocktails, is designed to cater to your on-the-go lifestyle and Moga Festival is the perfect place to quench your thirst with our innovative beverages. No matter your preference, we have something to suit every palate, from fruity blends to a full-bodied coffee-based option.


REFIX: Nature’s Elixir in a Bottle

At FMR Brands we are committed to promoting sustainability and healthy living. REFIX is our eco-friendly line of beverages, crafted from natural ingredients sourced from the sea. Our nutrient-rich, seawater-based drinks are infused with citrusy flavors, promising a unique sensory experience and the perfect ally to recover after a strenuous workout (or after intense dancing at a festival). At Moga Festival, REFIX will offer attendees the chance to sample our exceptional concoctions, providing a rejuvenating and delicious pick-me-up.


SAVG LYF: Sip Your Way to a Greener Tomorrow

Taking our commitment to sustainability even further, we present SAVG LYF, a beverage line dedicated to promoting a greener lifestyle. Our plant-based, organic drinks are crafted to nourish your body and soul, while also supporting our planet. SAVG LYF’s Hard Kombucha is sure to delight even the most discerning of taste buds. Join us at the Moga Festival and indulge in our guilt-free, environmentally-conscious beverages.


SAVG Energy: Unleash the Power Within

Finally, we’re excited to unveil SAVG Energy, our line of performance-enhancing energy drinks. Infused with natural ingredients, our energy drinks are designed to fuel your body and mind for peak performance. At Moga Festival, attendees will be able to try our groundbreaking SAVG Energy drinks, perfect for those who require an extra boost to conquer the day (and the dance floor).


FMR Brands is thrilled to be a part of the 2023 Moga Festival, and we can’t wait to share our innovative beverage line-up with you. From RTD2’s on-the-go convenience to the eco-conscious refreshment of REFIX and SAVG LYF, and the invigorating boost of SAVG Energy, we promise an unforgettable experience for everyone. Be sure to visit our booth at the Moga Festival and join us on this flavorful journey. Cheers to a fantastic festival experience!

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FMR Brands partners with the 2023 Moga Festival

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