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FMR Brands Sponsors Cannes Screening of “Lucie in California”, Celebrating the Inspiring Journey of Lucie Carrasco

What could possibly pair better with an evening of high fashion and cinematic wonder at the Cannes Film Festival than a refreshing beverage from FMR Brands? As fans and critics alike await the screening of “Lucie in California” this Sunday, they’re in for a double treat as the screening event is sponsored by none other than FMR Brands, with its high-quality beverages SAVG LYF and SAVG Energy.

While everyone enjoys the riveting story of Lucie Carrasco‘s journey, they’ll get to savor FMR’s signature drinks. SAVG LYF, a health-centric Hard Kombucha beverage that boasts its superior blend of fermented green tea, fresh ginger and citrus, seems like the perfect accompaniment for a story about resilience and courage. Meanwhile, SAVG Energy, the brand’s renowned energy drink, promises to keep everyone’s spirits high, mirroring the unstoppable energy of Lucie.

Lucie Carrasco is not just a person; she’s a phenomenon. Suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease, Lucie hasn’t allowed her condition to define her life. Instead, she’s crafted a beautiful life narrative that’s all about defying the odds. As a child, hospitalization sparked her creative prowess, leading her to design her first fashion collection. Since then, she’s moved mountains, organized fashion shows, traveled across the United States using her wheelchair, and more.


FMR Brands’ sponsorship of this event feels like a perfect match. Just as Lucie has transformed adversity into triumph, FMR Brands has consistently demonstrated a commitment to promoting health and vitality through its products. It’s not just about selling drinks; it’s about providing people with choices that support their lifestyles and ambitions.

After the screening, a cocktail party will be held where guests will be graced by Lucie’s presence, offering a rare opportunity to meet the inspiring woman behind the story. Here too, FMR Brands will showcase their commitment to sophistication and elegance with their beverages as part of the experience.

The event promises to be an unforgettable evening, a blend of inspiration from Lucie’s story and the quality and vitality associated with FMR Brands. Remember, just as Lucie‚Äôs mantra goes, “They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it.” It’s a motto that encapsulates the ethos of FMR Brands and Lucie herself, both of whom are contributing in their own ways to a more energetic, resilient, and healthy world.

So, here’s to an evening of films, fashion, inspiration, and some delicious beverages courtesy of FMR Brands. Don’t forget to try the SAVG LYF and SAVG Energy and toast to Lucie Carrasco, a woman who truly embodies the idea of living a SAVG life!

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FMR Brands Sponsors Cannes Screening of “Lucie in California”, Celebrating the Inspiring Journey of Lucie Carrasco

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