Introducing SAVG Nite: The Ultimate Nightlife Companion


FMR Brands is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our SAVG product line: SAVG Nite. Designed to energize your nights and elevate your mixology game, SAVG Nite is the perfect companion for nightclubs and party enthusiasts.

Sip Healthier: The SAVG Aspartame-Free Revolution


In recent years, studies have classified aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic”, raising concerns among health-conscious consumers. Well, with FMR Brands’ SAVG drinks there’s no reason for concern, as they are 100% aspartame-free.

Best Places on Earth to Enjoy RTD2 Cocktails

RTD2 cocktails

When it comes to enjoying cocktails, RTD2’s range of ready-to-drink beverages are the ideal choice, blending convenience with quality, and making anywhere you are, the best place on Earth to enjoy a cocktail​​.

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