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Villa El Martinete - Signature Drinks by FMR Brands

Villa El Martinete: Exclusive, Signature Drinks by FMR Brands

The Villa El Martinete, located in Marbella, is one of FMR’s clients: a luxurious place where lush gardens surround a home inspired by classic Mediterranean architecture enhanced with ultra-modern features. The group has developed all of Martinete’s exclusive beverage products, get to know more about them here.

FMR Brands’ insight and expertise offer a valuable resource that can be counted on for every stage of a product’s journey, formulation, and ingredients, manufacturing a cost-effective product and unparalleled market research. The group aims to take a unique beverage dream and make it a reality, which is exactly what was done with El Martinete Villa in Marbella, Spain.

The opulent villa wants to be more than just a luxurious accommodation, looking to offer personalized touches to its guests by creating an unforgettable, unique experience. That is FMR Brands’ area of expertise: creating beverages that are “more than just a drink,” they are experiences – ephemeral (hence “FMR”) experiences, but ones that are forever remembered.

The Villa El Martinete currently offers five different products, developed from A to Z (branding, ingredients, production, distribution) by FMR Brands. Let’s explore them:

El Martinete Cava
A luxurious Brut Nature Gran Reserva / Organic certified from Catalunya and made with Pinot Noir grapes that are hand-picked and carefully selected in small batches, making for a truly unique taste!

El Martinete Ready to Drink
Perfect for people who are always on the go but still want to enjoy the finest things in life. There are two flavors available: Salted Mezcal Paloma and Hard Coffee Caramel.

El Martinete Kombucha
The perfect fruity kombucha to spend a day by the iconic pool at the Villa, with a logo taking inspiration from Picasso’s ‘Dove of Peace’!

El Martinete wine “Juan Garcia”
A special wine offering a profound taste of lively tannins with silky notes at the same time. An impressive cherry red color with dark garnet tones on the edges, only for wine lovers!

El Martinete wine “Bruñal”
Perfect with red meats, cured cheeses, or stews, this wine offers a harmonious combination, with aromas of wild fruits and floral memories. Ideal for a romantic dinner!


About FMR Brands
FMR Brands offers a wide range of services including food and beverages Product Development, Brand Merchandising, Store Designing and Decorating, Retail Consulting and Training. FMR Brands’ consultants are beverage startup specialists with a deep understanding of current trends and the capacity to source the highest quality ingredients. FMR Brands “ready-to-drink beverages” are a one-stop solution for people on the go.

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Villa El Martinete: Exclusive, Signature Drinks by FMR Brands

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