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The Visionary Behind FMR Brands: Doriane Zalewski’s Journey from Sports to Beverage Marketing

FMR Brands is pleased to announce that our Director of Marketing and Branding of Products, Doriane Zalewski, has been featured in a compelling article by LuxWOMAN. The article delves into Doriane’s transformative journey from her initial career aspirations in sports and wellness to her current role in the beverage industry.


A Passion for Marketing

Doriane Zalewski’s career path has been nothing short of extraordinary. Initially drawn to the world of sports management, she found her true calling in the captivating realm of beverage marketing. Her role at FMR Brands involves orchestrating the conception, development, and marketing strategies of our diverse range of beverage products across various regions.


FMR Brands: More Than Just Beverages

Founded in response to the increasing demand for online consumption during the pandemic, FMR Brands offers a diversified portfolio of beverages, including ready-to-drink cocktails, energy drinks, hard kombucha, lemonades, and even sea water hydration drinks. “FMR Brands creates beverages that are more than just drinks; they are experiences to be cherished forever,” says Doriane.


Innovation and Adaptability

What sets FMR Brands apart is our adaptability and innovation in responding to market trends. We constantly evaluate market trends, explore new opportunities, and invest in promising concepts, such as our innovative sea water drink, REFIX.


A Multicultural Perspective

One of the driving forces behind Doriane’s career has been her multicultural upbringing, which has given her a unique perspective in understanding and appreciating the diverse tastes and preferences of a global audience. “By embracing this diversity, we have created several brands that resonate with people from all walks of life,” she adds.


The Road Ahead

Looking forward, Doriane aims to continue propelling the success of FMR Brands. She plans to expand our product offerings and explore new market opportunities while building stronger partnerships and collaborations in the beverage sector.


Read the original article in Portuguese magazine LUX Woman and know more about Doriane here on FMR Brands.

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The Visionary Behind FMR Brands: Doriane Zalewski’s Journey from Sports to Beverage Marketing

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