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Mr. Wayne L. Prim jr.

Mr. Wayne L.Prim, JR grew up exploring and tasting wines across wine regions the world over. His home base is Incline, Nevada, and he has long been familiar with wines from Napa. Prim Family Vineyard incorporates the best of Mr. Wayne L.Prim, JR’s wine knowledge and experience with a good serving of Rudy von Strasser, the King of Cabernet, an expert winemaker in his own right.
They bonded over their shared love of winemaking, and Mr. Wayne L.Prim, JR then hired Rudy to make and manage his “outside of the Napa norm” winemaking program. Their first vintage yielded in 2009, and it has been a bountiful journey since then.

One such production from the early days is their 2012 Prim Family Vineyard Pinot Noir, a showy hue in the glass revealing a bright and aromatic nose, raspberry, black currant, red cherry, and cedar flavours, a hint of white pepper along with subtle underlying notes of brown sugar and holiday spice.

The next phase of Mr. Wayne L.Prim, JR’s wine projects will involve Craig Roemer, another famed winemaker, whose experience was cultivated at Schramsberg Vineyards, St. Helena, California.

Mr. Wayne L.Prim, JR is excited about Black Sea Beverages’ future, especially knowing he has a supportive and innovative team on board.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you (Walt Whitman)”


Mr. Ini Ghidirmic

Mr. Ghidirmic has been an attorney with over 15 years of experience in corporate handling mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and real estate deals.

FMR BRANDS provides him with the opportunity to connect many interests, including law, international transactions, business operations, marketing, and identification of new products in the beverages industry. Mr. Ghidirmic believes FMR BRANDS will become the premier purveyor of the highest quality products. He loves how FMR BRANDS sources only the finest and most unique products at the best possible prices, focusing on products that have attractive physical qualities and fascinating backgrounds.

“ True happiness comes from shared experiences and the things that we do for less fortunate people around us.”



Mr. Lourival Barreto

Mr. Barreto worked for many years in the wine and hotel industry, often opening and handling wine bars. He can take on changes and continually seeks results. Mr. Barreto ’s passionate nature and focused sales and entrepreneurial foresight make him the perfect partner within FMR BRANDS.

Mr. Barreto build relationships with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. His role is to give the necessary assistance in fitting all the varied sectors together within the company in the same project; supporting products, production, prices, etc., thus determining the path a project will follow.

Mr. Barreto chose to work for FMR BRANDS because it is a company in the creation and growth phase, and space where he can prove his vast managerial skills. In his words, “I like that FMR BRANDS does not discredit their workers. They have a methodology to invest in their employees. FMR BRANDS is also a company that allows me to work autonomously, showing good morals and good values. They have well-defined positive outlooks when it comes to their workers – they value people.” Mr. Barreto believes FMR BRANDS’ focus is on quality and diversity, creating products for unique markets.

“Do not leave things for tomorrow, which can be done today – Make changes but don’t stop walking.”



Ms. Doriane Zalewski

Ms. Zalewski brings a love of challenges, determination and persistence to achieve a Master Degree In Sports Management, and a professional Certificate in Business Management at the University of California San Diego, with a Marketing Emphasis.

Ms. Zalewski’s role within FMR BRANDS will be focused on marketing and business development. Ms. Zalewski defines nationalities as «citizens of the world». She has been travelling and living in many different countries, learning the languages, histories, beverages cultures, and developing her pallet. She is proud of the fact that each product within FMR BRANDS has explicitly been selected, and all have incredible stories.

What Ms. Zalewski loves most about what she does at FMR BRANDS is the constant growth, learning, and the vibrational work energy that has been developed within the team. “We established the right key successes to accomplish marvellous project goals together. I have learned throughout my work experience that by empowering others to live their true purpose and step into their highest mental, and spiritual potential, it will empower me as well along the process and help me grow in the same direction.”

«It always seems impossible until it is done.» Nelson Mandela.




Mr. Peter Trinfa

Mr. Peter Trinfa has been working in hospitality for 12 years, mainly as a bar supervisor and bar manager. His understanding of what customers want has aided FMR BRANDS’ growth to find the right products for the market.

Mr. Peter Trinfa believes that FMR BRANDS is primed to develop their brand into a unique offering into a very competitive market. He sees FMR BRANDS as still a craft company where you can find different beverages, foods, and other products, making something unique to the rest of the market.

“You don’t have to be big to be good. Get a small product and make it with care and passion.”

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