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Soiree at El Martinete Villa: a Blend of Art, Innovation, and Gastronomy

In a spectacular fusion of art, innovation, and gastronomy, FMR Brands recently hosted an exclusive event at the renowned El Martinete Villa in Puerto Banús, Marbella. This iconic venue, celebrated for its rich history and artistic heritage, served as the perfect backdrop for unveiling FMR Brands’ latest line of innovative drinks.


El Martinete: a Symbol of Luxury and Artistic Legacy

El Martinete, a symbol of Marbella’s luxurious lifestyle since the late 20th century, boasts a unique artistic feature that captivated the event’s attendees. The villa’s swimming pool, adorned with a reproduction in tile of a work created and signed by Picasso for the original owner of the villa, flamenco dancer and choreographer Antonio Ruiz Soler, stands as a testament to the estate’s rich cultural legacy. 

This artistic element provided an inspiring setting for the evening’s festivities.


Innovative Drinks Take Center Stage

The highlight of the event was the introduction of FMR Brands‘ new product line, including the ‘Ready to Drink’ RTD2 cocktails and the award-winning SAVG Lyf kombucha. These innovative beverages mark a significant milestone in the company’s journey, showcasing a blend of creativity and quality.


SAVG Lyf: A New Era of Kombucha

SAVG Lyf, the star of the evening, is a trailblazer in the European market as one of the first alcoholic kombuchas. With a 4.5% alcohol content and available in tantalizing flavors like Lemon & Ginger and Mango & Strawberry, SAVG Lyf has quickly become a favorite among connoisseurs. Its recent accolade at the World Kombucha Awards 2023 in Barcelona further cements its status as a premium beverage choice.


RTD2 Cocktails: Reinventing the Cocktail Experience

Also showcased were the RTD2 cocktails, a testament to FMR Brands’ commitment to redefining the cocktail experience. These ready-to-drink elixirs, including the Hard Coffee Caramel, Spicy Paloma, and Cucumber Ginger Mule, offer a premium and convenient alternative to traditional cocktails.

Glamour Enhanced by Influencers

The occasion was significantly uplifted by the attendance of prominent influencers, each infusing the night with their distinct flair and charm. Adrián Pedraja, celebrated for his discerning taste in luxury and lifestyle, seamlessly blended in, encapsulating the event’s spirit through his photography. Ana Vera Rubio‘s refined demeanor lent an air of elegance and poise. Sabrina Doll Actitud, known for setting trends, was vividly engaged with the new beverage line, her excitement evident.

The allure of Sara Bruno and Juanma Furio‘s appreciation for luxury was evident as they wandered the villa’s historic estate. Elissa de Saro connected profoundly with the villa’s artistic legacy, thanks to her creative insight, while Yanela Brooks‘ lively spirit and musical prowess harmonized beautifully with the event’s energetic vibe.

Their participation not only heightened the evening’s glamour but also played a crucial role in showcasing the event’s blend of art, history, and contemporary innovation. Their social media engagement and interactions added an extra dimension of thrill and outreach, linking El Martinete and FMR Brands’ latest creations to a broader, digitally-connected audience.


A Strategic Move in the Spanish beverage market

Ini Ghidirmic, director and general counsel of FMR Brands, emphasized the significance of the event at El Martinete. “For us, this event at El Martinete is an important step in the strategy of promoting the FMR Brands brand in the Spanish beverage market, a country where gastronomy is one of the main cultural pillars. Our aim is to become a benchmark brand within the sector both for our innovation and the quality of our products”. 


Expanding reach and accessibility

FMR Brands’ products are now available in over 400 establishments across Spain and Portugal, including WHSmith shops in Spanish airports and the online platform YoPongoelHielo, making these innovative beverages more accessible to a wider audience.


The event at El Martinete was more than just a product launch; it was a celebration of art, innovation, and culinary excellence. FMR Brands has successfully blended these elements, setting a new benchmark in the beverage industry and offering a unique experience to its discerning clientele.


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Soiree at El Martinete Villa: a Blend of Art, Innovation, and Gastronomy

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