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FMR Brands’ RTD2 Cocktails celebrated Across the Press

FMR Brands has been making headlines with its RTD2 line of ready-to-drink cocktails. Launched in the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, the company has not only adapted to changing times but has also redefined the cocktail experience, earning significant recognition in the press for its innovative approach.

Press Highlights: A Testament to Innovation

The RTD2 line, a collection of pre-mixed cocktails, has been featured in several prestigious publications, each highlighting different aspects of FMR Brands’ groundbreaking approach:

InfoHoreca: praised the convenience and quality of FMR Brands’ RTD2 cocktails, underscoring their growing popularity in the hospitality sector.

Revista Aral: focused on the burgeoning RTD beverage market, noting a remarkable 35% annual increase in sales since 2018. The article spotlighted FMR Brands as a key player in this market expansion, particularly with the innovative RTD2 line.

Excelencias Gourmet: delved into FMR Brands’ unique approach to reimagining traditional cocktails. The article emphasized the company’s dedication to natural ingredients and its role in shaping consumer preferences in the modern beverage landscape.

ProfesionalHoreca: ProfesionalHoreca’s article on FMR Brands spotlights the company’s expansion into the Portuguese market with its RTD2 cocktail line. The piece emphasizes FMR Brands’ commitment to providing experiential beverages that cater to evolving consumer tastes and preferences. It highlights how the RTD2 range is not just about convenience but also about delivering a sophisticated and high-quality cocktail experience, reflecting FMR Brands’ dedication to innovation and excellence in the beverage industry.

Beyond RTD2: A Broader Spectrum of Natural Beverages

FMR Brands’ commitment to natural ingredients extends beyond the RTD2 line. The company’s SAVG range, featuring products like SAVG Energy, SAVG Lyf (one of the first alcoholic kombuchas in Europe), and SAVG Nite, has also been well-received. Additionally, their REFIX isotonic drink, made with seawater from Costa da Morte in Spain, showcases their dedication to natural, health-conscious products.


A Leader in the RTD Sector

The widespread media coverage of FMR Brands’ RTD2 line underscores the company’s position as a leader in the ready-to-drink beverage sector. Their innovative approach to cocktail crafting, combined with a commitment to natural ingredients, has not only captured the attention of the press but also resonated with a broad audience, setting new standards in the beverage industry.

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FMR Brands’ RTD2 Cocktails celebrated Across the Press

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