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Shelf life studies in beverages: what is it and why it is important

Here on the blog we have already talked about ingredients and also about the essential steps for you to start producing beverages. In this post, we will talk about another very important point, which is a study called Shelf Life – on the product’s useful life.

When we think about the production of a beverage, we must take into account the formulation part of it, as this will give us an idea of ​​how the formula will make the beverage change over time and also with the way it is stored.

The expiration date of a product, for example, is part of this study: this is when it undergoes considerable changes (reductions) in quality and in terms of the tolerable level for this to happen without having any burden in terms of safety, nutrition, hygiene, among other points, when consuming.

The shelf life study aims not only to define a durability date, but also to provide a consumption limit when the product is opened. A good example of this is milk. When closed, just be guided by the expiration date printed on the packaging, but once opened, these products tend to have a detriment of nutritional content, which ends up causing them to spoil quickly due to the product’s contact with external agents – bacteria in the air, for example.

Within the study, several parameters are investigated so that this data can be analysed, from microbiological, sensorial and physicochemical elements. In other words, the shelf life study aims to guarantee quality of the product for consumption. Another good example is when we can read on a package that product X needs to be stored in a place with controlled temperatures. This happens when the study notices a noticeable change in the content of the product due to changes in temperature (which can occur during storage and even transport).

FMR has qualified partners to handle various stages in the production of beverages, including shelf life studies.

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Shelf life studies in beverages: what is it and why it is important

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