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RTD2 Ranch Water Shines with Silver at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge

RTD2 Ranch Water Shines with Silver at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge

In the esteemed realm of spirits and beverages, the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) stands as a beacon of excellence, honouring the crème de la crème of the industry. As the curtains fell on the 2023 edition of this distinguished competition, FMR BRANDS has yet another reason to celebrate. We are elated to announce that RTD2 Ranch Water has clinched a silver medal in the category of Pre-Mixed Drinks – Classic Cocktails, further solidifying FMR BRANDS’ position in the global spirits market.

The International Spirits Challenge, celebrated annually, is a revered platform that congregates the finest from the spirits world. It provides a golden opportunity for brands to flaunt their creations and vie against other global contenders. Renowned for its stringent judging criteria, the ISC boasts a panel of connoisseurs who meticulously evaluate each submission on its quality, taste, and presentation.

This year, RTD2 Ranch Water by FMR BRANDS dazzled the ISC 2023 judges, earning a coveted silver award in the Pre-Mixed Drinks – Classic Cocktails category. This accolade is not just a nod to the drink’s impeccable quality but also a recognition of the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation and aesthetics. Given the fierce competition in the spirits domain, this medal is a monumental achievement for both RTD2 Ranch Water and FMR BRANDS.

Having already made waves with its distinctive branding and superior product quality, RTD2 Ranch Water’s recent accolade is a testament to its burgeoning presence in the spirits sector. The brand’s visionary approach to design and packaging was instrumental in securing this esteemed award.

In the light of our recent success at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2023, where our innovative drink SAVG LYF clinched bronze in the New Brand Launch category, this recognition marks yet another feather in FMR BRANDS’ cap, underscoring their relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation. It paves the way for the brand’s future ventures in the spirits realm, promising more groundbreaking achievements.

The entire FMR BRANDS team is over the moon with this acknowledgment and remains steadfast in their mission to redefine excellence in the spirits world. Bolstered by this award, the team is more motivated than ever to continue their legacy of crafting unparalleled spirits.

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RTD2 Ranch Water Shines with Silver at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge

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