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Popular ingredients for beauty drinks

There is no doubt that beauty drinks are increasingly growing in the market. Currently, there are many options for drinks that have specific components in their formulas for the improvement or maintenance of the skin, hair and nails health.

Most products in this niche offer collagen as the main ingredient to attract consumers’ attention, which you’ve probably heard about.

But, after all, is just collagen the darling ingredient in beauty drinks? Here we list the main ones in this category:


Responsible for keeping the skin firm and preventing the appearance of wrinkles early, collagen also helps in strengthening bones, tendons and cartilage, contributes to the increase of muscle mass, improves cardiovascular health and also helps in the health of hair and nails. It can be a true elixir of beauty.


Many beauty drinks have an “army” of essential vitamins for skin, hair and nails health. Some make pairs of specific vitamins that help the immune system, while others, which combine minerals, help the skin to develop a natural and healthy barrier for protection from the sun’s rays, and offer anti-aging care as well. 


There are also products that aim to rebalance the natural PH of the blood so that the body works in a more natural way. Some benefits of beauty drinks with alkaline properties are: improvement in muscle performance, prevention of premature aging and boosting blood circulation, among others.

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Popular ingredients for beauty drinks

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