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FMR Brands: The ‘On-the-Go’ Beverages Taking Over Portugal and Spain

More than just selling beverages, FMR Brands aims to create unforgettable experiences. The company invested over two million euros and spent three years in development to establish the portfolio they currently produce and market in Portugal. Originating during the pandemic, this startup, with its factory in Nazaré, had a clear goal: to offer drinks that can be enjoyed at home without the need for professional bartending skills. This led to the introduction of the SAVG and RTD2 ranges. As the project grew, the company also acquired the Spanish brand Refix, which became part of FMR Brands’ portfolio and is endorsed by Portuguese athlete Patrícia Mamona.

Ini Ghidirmic, Director & General Counsel of Pacific Capital Partners, emphasizes that they see opportunities where others see obstacles. The pandemic gave them the initial push, but now “the sky is the limit.” The choice of Portugal for this venture was strategic. They wanted to start their marketing strategy, including product sampling and testing, as quickly as possible. Given that Portugal hosts the most music festivals in Europe, it seemed the perfect place to launch this project before expanding globally.

The brand’s goal isn’t just to create a drink but to offer an experience that, though fleeting, will be remembered forever. This could be due to the context in which the drink is consumed or the moment associated with its consumption. Essentially, they are creating a lifestyle linked with memorable moments for consumers.

FMR Brands’ portfolio offers drinks suited for every individual and situation. Whether someone is looking for an energy boost with SAVG Energy, celebrating at a summer festival with SAVG Lyf, enjoying a ready-to-drink cocktail with RTD2, or recovering energy and vitality after intensive workouts with Refix, FMR Brands has the perfect drink for the moment.

In Portugal, these beverages are available on online platforms Bairro and SWIG and will soon be found on various store shelves. In Spain, the group’s brands can be found at WHSmith, on the online platform Yo Pongo el Hielo, and many other HORECA channels.

Recently, FMR Brands sponsored its first festival in Portugal, with SAVG Lyf and SAVG Energy being the official beverages of the MOGA Caparica festival.

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FMR Brands: The ‘On-the-Go’ Beverages Taking Over Portugal and Spain

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