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Ângelo Rodrigues on Nature’s Spectacle at Moga Festival 2023

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Moga Festival 2023 with influencer Ângelo Rodrigues, as he shares his first impressions and the awe-inspiring spectacle of nature in this heartfelt interview. Ângelo marvels at the sunset, describing it as one of ‘Nature’s most amazing shows,’ and reflects on how it effortlessly becomes the perfect, mesmerizing backdrop […]

Ana Marta Contente: Savoring Moments and SAVG at Moga Festival 2023

Join actress Ana Marta Contente as she immerses herself in the vibrant and eclectic world of Moga Festival 2023, sharing her initial impressions and delightful discoveries in this spirited interview. Ana Marta gives us a taste of SAVG, describing it as not only ‘amazing’ but also ‘super refreshing.’

Influencer Alfonso Lopez Shares Initial Thoughts on Moga Festival 2023

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of Moga Festival 2023 with influencer Alfonso Lopez as he shares his first impressions and anticipations in this lively interview. Capturing the essence, energy, and excitement of the festival, Alfonso provides a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic experiences that define Moga Festival and expresses his expectations for the unfolding of this […]

Unveiling the Secret Blend: the Unique Allure of RTD2

A journey into the heart of RTD2 beverages with Peter Trinfa, FMR Brands’ Responsible for Sourcing and Logistics, as he unveils the meticulous craftsmanship, innovative formulas, and premium ingredients that distinguish RTD2 in the beverage landscape. In this interview, Peter provides a rare glimpse into the careful selection of ingredients and the thoughtful formulation that […]

MOGA Festival’s Matthieu Corosine on the Storytelling and Experience Brought by FMR Brands

Matthieu Corosine, Co-Founder of MOGA Festival, as he shares his invaluable insights on the profound impact and significance of FMR Brands’ support and presence at the festival. In this engaging interview, Matthieu highlights that FMR Brands transcends the conventional role of a beverage brand by weaving a compelling story and curating an unparalleled experience for […]

Toast from Afar: The Genesis of FMR Drinks with Ini Ghidirmic

In this enlightening interview, Ini Ghidirmic, Director and General Counsel of FMR Brands, takes us through the inspiring journey of FMR Drinks’ inception during the global pandemic. Created with a ready-to-drink format, FMR Drinks emerged as a beacon of connection and celebration in times of social distancing, enabling people to uphold the cherished tradition of […]

The Synergy Between FMR Brands Beverages and Moga Festival

Join Ini Ghidirmic, Director and General Counsel of FMR Brands, in a captivating interview during the lively Moga Festival, as he explores the symbiotic relationship between FMR Brands’ beverages and the festival’s vibrant ethos. Learn how our drinks, crafted with the serene and refreshing aura of the beach in mind, seamlessly resonate with the essence […]

Crafting Quality Beverages: An Insightful Discussion with Daniel Abegão of CFER

Embark on a journey through the meticulous process of beverage development with Daniel Abegão, Managing Partner at CFER (Centre for Food Education and Research), as he shares the intricate details and philosophy behind crafting the distinguished beverages for FMR Brands. In this enlightening interview, Daniel underscores the paramount importance of utilizing natural ingredients and maintaining […]

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Crafting Quality Beverages: An Insightful Discussion with Daniel Abegão of CFER

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