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lemonade that helps to save lives

#ACABO!: the lemonade that helps to save lives

MR Brands launches 100% solidarity bio drink. All profits go to support Ukrainian refugees

FMR Brands has just launched #ACABO!, the first 100% solidarity  bio lemonade, with all profits going to WeHelpUkraine, a global non-profit organization that helps Ukrainian refugees with habitation, food, healthcare, among other support.

“The war in Ukraine is a problem that concerns us all, and that is why we decided to contribute to this cause with what we have best: our know-how. Faced with such a deadly conflict, we created a delicious drink with a humanist message: ‘because every person matters, help us help change lives.’ In this way, who buy it know immediately that they are making a difference,” explains Ini Ghidirmic, director of FMR Brands.

The #ACABO! is a very tasty and fresh drink – made with lemon, mint and ginger – bio/organic, vegan, additive-free, gluten-free and low in calories, which can be enjoyed, either as a group or individually, at mealtimes, during various times of the day and even into the night.

Another added value of this solidary lemonade available by units or in packs of six or twelve is that it will reach the inhabitants and visitors of Lisbon and Almada in just a few minutes (approximately 15 to 30 minutes), with free delivery. 

This possibility is the result of a partnership between FMR and the online platform Bairro the first ultrafast delivery service in the country , with the customer simply placing an order through the respective App, available in IOS and Android, or the website.

“We have many Ukrainian employees and from the first minute we are helping the refugees as much as possible. This partnership with FMR is a reinforcement of our convictions because, by ensuring the free delivery of this drink, we are encouraging the purchase of it and, as such, supporting directly this cause,” says Milana Dovzhenko, co-founder of Bairro.

The #ACABO! is here to stay because, even when the war in Ukraine is over, this drink will always have a solidarity character (contribute to a better world), reverting its profits to various non-profit organizations that support refugees from other countries in conflict.

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#ACABO!: the lemonade that helps to save lives

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