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Why you should always have RTD2 cocktails at home

Forget Star Wars. RTD2 stands for ‘Ready to Drink’, which is even better.

Imagine some of your favorite and most well-known cocktails ready to be served and enjoyed. No fuss, no recipes, just ready to go. That’s RTD2 cocktails for you!

And there are three of them for you to choose from (or better yet, take all three!) with our very own twist.


But why should you have RTD2 cocktails at home then?


1. It’s convenient

What’s more practical then opening up a bottle containing exactly what you feel like drinking at that moment without going through all the fuss (and ingredients) of having to do it yourself?


2. To avoid interrupting precious moments

Save yourself some time and avoid leaving your guests when you’re hosting, to go make cocktails for your friends. Bring them their favorites in RTD2 cocktails or pour them into fancy glasses. They’ll never know the difference and, after all, all everybody wants is to just have fun and spend quality time together!


3. To be prepared for anything

Unexpected guests? No need to run to the grocery store to buy ingredients you most likely do not have at home already. Hit with a thirst for something more elaborate? Nothing better than a refreshing cocktail. Dinner at your friends’ and the stores are already closed? Bring some RTD2 cocktails with you. 

So, stock up on RTD2 cocktail drinks and be prepared for any last-minute event!


4. To satisfy even the fanciest of tastes

Everyone has a couple of friends that can’t really stand beer or even wine, so why not surprise them with something their sophisticated palate will certainly appreciate? RTD2 cocktails are sure to delight even the pickiest drinkers. If you can’t think of friends who fit this profile that can only mean that… you’re it!


5. Because it’s fun (and tasty)!

Trying something new gives us a rush of dopamine and a sense of excitement that’s very hard to deny. So why should we? Let’s give in to delicious experiences that can be shared with those we love the most and surprise them with the unexpected twists of each RTD2 cocktail. 

Are you ready to try our delicious cocktails? Find them in Bairro! and SWIG.

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Why you should always have RTD2 cocktails at home

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