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Welcome to the Wave of Change: Introducing SAVG Wave Talks

SAVG Wave is thrilled to announce the launch of SAVG Wave Talks. Created to expand SAVG Wave’s mission, SAVG Wave talks is a nonprofit platform that will give people the opportunity to share their motivational and overcoming stories, in order to inspire others to embrace their brave & wild spirit, use it to fuel their actions and get committed to protecting nature.

A Platform that will give people voice

SAVG Wave Talks has two main parts:
Motivational videos: explore our series of interviews that not only increase awareness, but also support our webinar series. These videos act as a source of inspiration, guiding viewers to actively participate in protecting the environment.
Webinar Series: This online space showcases touching stories from various people, urging participants to share their own experiences to motivate and uplift each other. It’s a place to learn, share, and grow together, reinforcing our joint commitment to safeguarding our planet.

A word from our Marketing Director

Doriane Zalewski, the Marketing Director of FMR Brands, explains the vision behind SAVG Wave Talks: “Collaborating with NGOs and associations like the Trash Traveler, Planet Caretakers, AIMM, and Oceano Sem Plásticos has been pivotal. These partnerships not only aid in practical initiatives like beach clean-ups, but also enrich our platform with powerful motivational speeches. Every story shared starts a small wave of its own, spreading through communities and encouraging change.”

SAVG Wave Talks is more than just a platform, it is a way for us to unite people, give them a voice and encourage them to embrace their courageous spirit, to stand up and make a change. Are you joining us on this mission of preserving nature?

The first motivational video featuring Patricia Mamona, the Olympic Triple Jump Vice Champion, is now available on FMR Brands YouTube channel.

Check it out.

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Welcome to the Wave of Change: Introducing SAVG Wave Talks

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