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Tech Meets Taste at EuroSpark 2023: a toast to Innovation with FMR Brands

As the world of technology and innovation continues to evolve at a rapid pace, events like EuroSpark 2023 serve as a pivotal platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to come together. This year, the event is set to take place at Ninho, an exclusive private members club in the heart of Lisbon. FMR Brands is thrilled to announce its participation in this groundbreaking event by offering our signature beverages, SAVG Energy and SAVG LYF, to all participants. Here’s why this partnership is the perfect blend of technology, culture, and wellness.


The Venue: Ninho

Ninho is not just a venue; it’s an experience. Located in a 19th-century palace, this members-only club is a hub for the web3 community. With amenities ranging from a co-working space and restaurant to a secret garden and wellness retreat, Ninho is the epitome of work-life balance. Its immersive programming features live music, talks, yoga classes, and more, catering to a diverse audience including CEOs, digital nomads, and web3 enthusiasts.


Special Offer for EuroSpark Attendees

As an added bonus, Ninho is offering two extra days of access for anyone to cowork and attend events at no extra cost. This provides an excellent opportunity for EuroSpark attendees to network, collaborate, and unwind in a serene environment.


FMR Brands: Elevating the Experience

SAVG Energy: Natural Boost for the Mind

In an event that promises to be mentally stimulating, what better way to keep your focus sharp than with SAVG Energy? Our natural energy drink is designed to provide a sustained boost without the jitters or crashes associated with traditional energy drinks. Whether you’re attending a panel discussion or diving into a coding session, SAVG Energy is your go-to companion.


SAVG LYF: Hard Kombucha for the Soul

After a day filled with innovation and networking, it’s time to relax and socialize. That’s where SAVG LYF comes in. Our hard kombucha offers a unique blend of flavors and just the right kick to help you unwind. It’s the perfect drink for the evening social events at Ninho, where live music and talks continue into the night.

EuroSpark 2023 is set to be an event like no other, especially with the added allure of being hosted at Ninho. FMR Brands is excited to contribute to this unique experience by offering SAVG Energy and SAVG LYF to all participants. We believe that our drinks will not only complement the event’s focus on innovation and wellness but also provide the perfect refreshment for both the mind and soul.


From September 15 to September 17, join us at EuroSpark 2023 to experience the future, one sip at a time.

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Tech Meets Taste at EuroSpark 2023: a toast to Innovation with FMR Brands

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