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SAVG LYF sponsors SER on its first event “A Raiz”

The newly formed group SER – Synergies of Real Entrepreneurs proudly hosted its inaugural event, “A Raiz” (“The Root”) which took place on November 11th, from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Founded by women for women by Elisabete Costa Pinheiro, SER aimed to unite female entrepreneurs from Western Portugal who are determined to grow and improve their businesses through collaboration and synergy.


About SER:

SER – Synergies of Real Entrepreneurs is an initiative that sought to foster unity among female entrepreneurs in Western Portugal. The group believes in the power of synergies, partnerships, empowerment, and self-awareness as essential tools for the growth and development of women-led businesses.

“A Raiz” event featured a variety of activities and presentations, including:

2:30 PM – Reception for our special SER members with Filipa Augusto and Pauliana Horta.
3:00 PM – “SER – Our Root” presented by Elisabete Costa Pinheiro.
3:10 PM – “PERFORM” presentation by Daniela Ramos.
3:20 PM – “Laughter Yoga, what it is and how it helps us” with Marisa Pereira.
3:50 PM – Coffee / Tea Break – A moment for networking among SER members.
4:50 PM – “You, Time, and Opportunity” by Filipa Augusto.
5:00 PM – “From Pain to Gift – Hands of Nature” presented by Pauliana Horta.
5:10 PM – “Journaling for a Healthy Mind” with Catarina Alves de Sousa.
5:30 PM – Closing and more networking opportunities.


The event represented an inspiring and empowering moment for female entrepreneurs in Western Portugal. The collaboration of all involved not only expanded the reach and impact of the group but also reinforced the importance of initiatives like this. The successful hosting of “The Root” marked a significant milestone for SER and its mission to empower women entrepreneurs.


FMR Brands’ involvement

This event was proudly sponsored by FMR Brands, featuring our delicious hard kombucha brand, SAVG LYF. FMR Brands’ commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with the mission of SER. Their SAVG LYF hard kombucha not only offers a refreshing beverage option but also symbolizes the innovative and bold spirit of the women at this event.

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SAVG LYF sponsors SER on its first event “A Raiz”

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