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Perfect Pairings: Matching Food, Drink, and Decor for Any Occasion

Cocktails are the perfect addition to any occasion, from a summer barbecue to a formal dinner party. However, choosing the right cocktail to pair with your food or to serve at your event can be a challenge. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect cocktail for any occasion or meal and delight your guests with the perfect pairings.

Perfect Pairings: pairing Cocktails with Food

Pairing cocktails with food can be just as rewarding as pairing wine with food. The right cocktail can enhance the flavors of your food, while also adding a new dimension of flavor and aroma to the meal.

Here are some tips for pairing cocktails with food:

  • Match the intensity: Consider the strength of both the cocktail and the food when pairing them. For example, a light and refreshing cocktail might pair well with a delicate seafood dish, while a bold and spicy cocktail might complement a hearty meat dish.
  • Think about flavors: Look for complementary or contrasting flavors in your cocktail and your food. For example, a sweet and fruity cocktail might pair well with spicy Asian cuisine, while a citrusy cocktail might work well with rich and creamy pasta dishes.
  • Consider the season: Think about the time of year and the seasonal ingredients that are available when pairing cocktails with food. For example, fruity and citrusy cocktails make perfect summer drinks, while a full-bodied cocktail (like this one) might be perfect for fall.

Serving Cocktails at Events

Cocktails can be a great addition to any type of event, from a backyard barbecue to a formal wedding reception. Here are some tips for serving cocktails at different types of events:

  • Backyard BBQ: Serve up classic cocktails which are refreshing and available at all times with no effort. Think bottled cocktails such as RTD2’s. Pair them with classic BBQ foods like burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables.
  • Dinner Party: For a more formal occasion, consider serving cocktails that pair well with your menu. Offer a variety of options, including classic cocktails as well as more modern creations.
  • Wedding Reception: Serve up a signature cocktail that represents the happy couple. Work with your caterer to create a unique drink that incorporates the colors and flavors of the wedding. Consider adding a fun garnish or presentation, such as a drink served in a vintage glass or with a unique straw.


Whether you’re pairing cocktails with food or serving them at an event, there are endless possibilities for incorporating the perfect drink into any occasion. By considering the intensity, flavors, and season, you can create a drink that complements your food or sets the mood for your event.
RTD2 has different options of ready to drink cocktails that you and your guests will love to drink and enjoy together at any event.

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Perfect Pairings: Matching Food, Drink, and Decor for Any Occasion

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