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RTD2 Ranch Water or, in other words, a “dressed-down margarita” because of how incredibly simple it is to make! But of course, we added our own delicious twist that will keep you coming back for more. Emblematic of Texas, typical ranch water is a very fizzy spritz consisting of tequila, lime juice, and sparkling mineral water. 

For our cocktail, we mixed some key ingredients to create two different options, offering you the best possible Americana experience while tasting wildly suitable flavours for this classic drink at the same time. Take your pick between a sweet & exotic red fruits flavour or a citric & refreshing lime flavour. 

This bubbly drink is ready to take over in Europe. If you yearn for the great outdoors, if you’re a fan of the American roots music styles or if you simply crave the stereotypical Americana lifestyle, then  RTD2 Ranch Water is sure to match your vibes.

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RTD2 Ranch water