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FMR Brands’ activation with REFIX and SAVG Energy for Amplify Gyms

In a dynamic new activation, FMR Brands is set to join with Amplify Marques de Pombal and Amplify Santos, two esteemed gyms in Portugal, for a week-long presentation of their innovative seawater-based recovery drink, REFIX. From January 8 to January 14, 2024, this event aims to introduce gym-goers to the rejuvenating benefits of REFIX alongside the energizing surge of SAVG Energy, each tailored for superior post-workout recovery.


A Week of Wellness and Rejuvenation

The event will begin with a special day dedicated to the sampling of both REFIX and SAVG Energy. Attendees at Amplify Marques de Pombal and Amplify Santos will be invited to discover firsthand the refreshing and restorative effects of REFIX, as well as the invigorating impact of SAVG Energy. Crafted with seawater from the unspoiled Costa da Morte in Spain, REFIX is a natural recovery drink, combining the therapeutic qualities of seawater with lemon, stevia, and magnesium. Meanwhile, SAVG Energy offers a vitalizing energy lift, perfect to enhance any workout regimen.


REFIX: The Natural Recovery Choice

In a market saturated with recovery beverages, REFIX stands out with its natural ingredients and health advantages. Shunning artificial additives, REFIX’s seawater base is loaded with essential minerals and electrolytes, positioning it as the ideal replenishment choice for athletes and those leading an active lifestyle.


SAVG Energy: Unleash Your Potential

Complementing the REFIX range, SAVG Energy is at the forefront of the energy drink sector. Designed for those who demand an extra boost in their fitness routine, SAVG Energy delivers a steady, enduring energy kick, avoiding the usual pitfalls of other energy drinks. Its distinct formula is engineered to maximize workout efficacy and sustain focus and stamina for users.


Advertising and Engagement throughout the Week

Following the sampling day, FMR Brands will maintain a vibrant presence in both gyms with striking advertising displays for REFIX and SAVG Energy. These displays will serve to inform and engage gym members about the products and their benefits, fostering an atmosphere that emphasizes the health and wellness philosophy shared by Amplify gyms.


A Unified Commitment to Health and Fitness

This activation reflects a mutual commitment to health, wellness, and natural recovery methods. By making REFIX and SAVG Energy available to the active community at Amplify gyms, FMR Brands supports individuals in their fitness journeys with products that are effective, natural, and aligned with a healthy lifestyle.


The upcoming activation at Amplify Marques de Pombal and Amplify Santos is a testament to FMR Brands’ dedication to innovation and health. By offering REFIX and SAVG Energy, natural and effective recovery and energy drinks, to the fitness community, FMR Brands is not only expanding its reach but also contributing positively to the wellness routines of many.

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FMR Brands’ activation with REFIX and SAVG Energy for Amplify Gyms

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