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DHB's Magic Yard

Elixir for the Night: FMR Brands at DHB’s Magic Yard

Get ready for an electrifying night as FMR Brands proudly sponsors the DHB Afterparty at Magic Yard on September 23rd in Amora, Portugal. With REFIX and SAVG Nite as beverage sponsors, this event is set to be a night you won’t forget.

Deep House Bible, in collaboration with YARD and Just Look Paradise, is bringing you a memorable night under the stars. The event kicks off at midnight and goes on until 8 AM, offering an enchanting evening of rhythm and groove. Set in the beautiful Quinta Magic Yard near Caparica, the venue features a swimming pool and two stages, promising a captivating musical odyssey surrounded by nature.


Quench Your Thirst with REFIX and SAVG Nite

As sponsors, REFIX and SAVG Nite will be there to elevate your experience. REFIX, the ultimate rehydration solution, will keep you refreshed throughout the night. On the other hand, SAVG Nite is designed to boost your energy levels, ensuring you can dance the night away.


Stellar Lineup

The event features a Garden Stage lineup with artists like Dede, Antilope, Aldonna, and Jaime Fiorito, as well as a Forest Stage lineup with Anthöny and DHB DJs. Whether you’re into deep house or techno, there’s something for every electronic music enthusiast.


Join the Party

Mark your calendars and be part of this extraordinary event. Early bird tickets are already sold out, but you can still secure your spot with tickets ranging from €20 to €35. Don’t miss out on this magical night of music, dance, and celebration.

For more information, visit the official event page.

We can’t wait to see you there, dancing and celebrating life with REFIX and SAVG Nite by your side.


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Elixir for the Night: FMR Brands at DHB’s Magic Yard

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