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3 Vibrant Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

3 Vibrant Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

It’s not time to frown yet. September might be full of new plans, life chapters, and a fresh start, but it still brings hot, bright summer days that are synonyms for after-work drinks with friends. Don’t get those jackets out of the winter closet just yet, there is still time for some heat and, of course, some quality refreshments. Lacking ideas? You’re in the perfect place then. Let us introduce you to 3 cocktails that will make your life so. much. EASIER.

We’re talking no prep time, no rushing for ingredients, at a minimum cost. Perfect for multiple occasions:

– If you’re having friends over and you want to focus your time on something else rather than the drinks;
– If you want to save up on overly expensive, slowly made cocktails at the bar;
– If you’re always on the go and need something practical and simple to carry all-day

Sounds like something you need? Let’s get into it then!

1. Alcoholic cocktail drink of cucumber, ginger and lime
If you like a typical cucumber ginger mule cocktail, you’re going to love this! This variation contains cucumber juice, dill-infused ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin (dried dill), and lime juice that gives this typical cocktail a crisp and delicious taste perfect for Summer sippin’ by the pool. This ready-to-drink cocktail has 6% alcohol, and packs that signature ginger “kick” it was named after.

2. Alcoholic cocktail drink of grapefruit and lime
Another twist on a classic cocktail! A typical Paloma uses tequila, but this drink contains agave spirit, a distilled liquor that has a smooth and clean taste, sweeter than most alcohols. The hot red chili aroma and agave nectar are paired with lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, and soda – this is a refreshing summer drink and a flavor party wherever you go!

3. Alcoholic cocktail of coffee and caramel
This one is for coffee lovers! Refreshing and flavourful with a slightly salty finish, the ‘coffee and alcohol combo’ fans will adore this cold brew coffee combined with a subtle caramel flavor, and ethyl alcohol (5%) of agricultural origin. The perfect pick-me-up cocktail for a late party after work!

There you go! 3 perfect options for people with busy routines who still desire to enjoy life at its best. Pro tip: if you’re hosting a party, pour these delicious cocktails into appropriate glasses and garnish them with fruit, leaves, funny umbrellas, or flowers.
Pretty, fun, and easy!

Ready for an extra kick of liveliness?

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3 Vibrant Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

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