FMR Brands: Adding a Splash of Flavor to the EDIT Algarve Party

As the sun rises over the stunning Adega do Cantor Vineyard in Albufeira, Algarve, on July 9, the air will be filled with the pulsating beats of balearic and downtempo music, setting the stage for the much-anticipated EDIT Algarve daytime party. This event promises a unique blend of music, atmosphere, and camaraderie, and adding a […]

What kind of drinker are ready to drink cocktails for?

Ready to drink cocktails are perfect for a variety of drinkers, from cocktail enthusiasts to those who are new to the world of mixed drinks. Here are a few examples of the types of drinkers who might enjoy RTD2’s ready-to-drink cocktails: Busy Professionals: For those who don’t have the time or energy to mix up […]

SAVG Lyf featured in the Portuguese Media Press

What if a kombucha could have alcohol after all? Yes, paradise exists and it’s called: SAVG Lyf, one of the first hard kombuchas to be launched in Portugal and Spain, an original recipe from FMR Brands that is available in mango/strawberry and lemon/ginger flavors. This drink is already on sale in Portugal, on the online […]

#ACABO! featured at Portuguese press

Doriane Zalewski, FMR Brands’ Marketing Director, talked to Notícias Magazine about #ACABO!, the solidarity lemonade that supports Ukrainian refugees through the “This brand was created to help refugees around the world, as well as victims of repression, inequality and war. But this project we have now is specifically helping the Ukrainian refugees.” Know more […]

Tips before starting beverage development

When we think about developing a project related to beverage production, we need to keep in mind that it may take months or even years to reach the final result. To help you optimize your time, here are some essential tips for those who want to start creating projects in this area. THE IDEA First […]

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Tips before starting beverage development

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