Rua Nova do almada, 95, 4B; 1200-288 Lisbon. Portugal


Recoil Rum pays homage to pirate ships and the heated battles of the 18th century. The bottle is shaped like the dreaded Jolly Roger flag adorned with Flintlock pistols and pirate skulls. Even the name Recoil evokes the terrible shots of rifles and cannons. Managed by Walker Romanica and Nelson Dilbert, The Cayman Spirit Distillery was created by these two friends over, you guessed it, a bottle of rum. The distillery prides itself on always producing quality products and crafting every spirit by hand. Recoil Rum offers a subtle sweetness with just enough caramelized fruit, a touch of pepper and heap of vanilla. It is very smooth with a medium finish with dark chocolate, cacao notes.