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#ACABO! drinks help and support refugees around the world, who are often victims
of repression, inequality and war. With every purchase, we’ll donate to refugees in need. Yep, you read that correctly!

100% of our profits will go to Ukrainian refugees through a non-governmental
organization (“NGO”) that is focused on providing non-military assistance to war
refugees (i.e., shelter, food, drink, transportation). This is only possible due to our partnership with Bairro company, a convenience chain based in Portugal that is headed by Ukrainian and Russian owners. We take care of the production, while Bairro manages the distribution. Together with your help, we provide invaluable assistance to many people in current times of need. So, ready to close the deal and be a partner yourself? Let’s take a look at our product!

Our sparkling lemonade brings the best of nature into you. A delicious drink filled
with a zesty taste from the lemon, mint and ginger mix. Already feeling refreshed?
Our drink is vegan, gluten-free, bio-organic and contains zero preservatives and
artificial colours. The healthy combination of our ingredients makes this drink a
low-calorie choice for whenever you need a revitalizing break. And the finishing touch is our eco-friendly packaging, made with recycled plastic to reduce our ecologic footprint.