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Shelf life studies in beverages: what is it and why it is important

Here on the blog we have already talked about ingredients and also about the essential steps for you to start producing beverages. In this post, we will talk about another very important point, which is a study called Shelf Life – on the product’s useful life. When we think about the production of a beverage, […]

Natural sweeteners in beverages: what are they?

Surely you must have seen products on the market with labels saying that they do not use sugar, but natural sweeteners. And surely you must have had doubts about this type of information. Then let us clear all your questions in this article. To begin with, it is necessary to understand what, after all, “natural” […]

Popular ingredients for beauty drinks

There is no doubt that beauty drinks are increasingly growing in the market. Currently, there are many options for drinks that have specific components in their formulas for the improvement or maintenance of the skin, hair and nails health. Most products in this niche offer collagen as the main ingredient to attract consumers’ attention, which […]

Tips before starting beverage development

When we think about developing a project related to beverage production, we need to keep in mind that it may take months or even years to reach the final result. To help you optimize your time, here are some essential tips for those who want to start creating projects in this area. THE IDEA First […]

The main ingredients used as stimulators in energy drinks

Work, sport, studies, leisure: energy drinks have increasingly entered people’s daily lives. Generally used to give an energy boost, these drinks do not necessarily have only taurine and caffeine, which are the best known in the market. Far from it: there are a multitude of specific – and natural – ingredients that give the necessary […]

FMR Brands and Bairro Announce Venture to Support Ukrainian Refugees

refugees drinks help

FMR Brands, experts in beverage development, are launching a new partnership with Bairro, a convenience chain based in Portugal, due to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. All #ACABO! drinks profits will be donated to refugees through NGOs providing non-military assistance to war refugees. #ACABO!, the new brand by FMR Brands Group, aims to offer a new […]

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FMR Brands and Bairro Announce Venture to Support Ukrainian Refugees

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